A modern team athletics format for young people in schools and clubs

After a very successful pilot of Schools Super8 in Wiltshire in 2009 and the inter-school supporting act for the UKA Inter-City Super8 event featuring the countrie's top athletes in Cardiff QuadKids Super8 is now being used in many counties across the UK.

Super8 is a quick, fun, participative modern format to revitalise inter-secondary school athletics competition. A key premise, is that a Super8 event with eg 8 schools and 130 athletes should be completed in less than 2 hrs. The format has common principles with both QuadKids for Primary Schools and the traditional English Schools Cup.

Super8, is built around 8 events (4 track & 4 field) and 2 relays. Teams are made up of 8 boys & 8 girls, but single sex competition is also possible. Each athlete does 1 track, 1 field and 1 relay event. Times and distances are scored against standard points tables, and the team score is the aggregate of the 8 or 16 athlete totals

In situations where schools do not have High Jump equipment and also prefer not to do the Hurdle events then these 2 disciplines are omitted and the competition is then known as "Super6".

Super8 on the England Athletics website

Download UKA Super8 Schools Guidance Manual

If you require more information regarding Quadkids or Super8 we can provide manuals, declaration forms, template timetables, track & field cards and the scoring spreadsheet. Please contact us by clicking the following button.  Contact Us

Please remember that the format of the Medley Relays is as follows;
4 x 100m + 4 x 200m
The running order is boy / girl ... which means a girl finishes the relay running a 200m
8/07/2016Oxfordshire School Games Super6 U16Tilsley ParkDisplay
8/07/2016Oxfordshire School Games Super6 U14Tilsley ParkDisplay
6/07/2016Wiltshire School Games Boys Super8Marlborough College Athletics TrackDisplay
6/07/2016Wiltshire School Games Girls Super8Marlborough College Athletics TrackDisplay
6/07/2016Wesport Level 3 School Games Super6 - Year 8Bath UniversityDisplay
6/07/2016Wesport Level 3 School Games Super6 - Year 10Bath UniversityDisplay
6/07/2016Wesport Level 3 School Games Super6 - Year 9Bath UniversityDisplay
6/07/2016Wesport Level 3 School Games Super6 - Year 7Bath UniversityDisplay
5/07/2016West Yorkshire School Games Super8 FinalLeeds Beckett University, Headingly CampusDisplay
21/06/2016Hounslow Year 9&10 Boys Super 8 Competition Hounslow Display
16/06/2016Kent School Games Finals Julie Rose StadiumDisplay
15/06/2016Hounslow Year 8 Boys Super 8 Competition Hounslow Display
13/06/2016Kirklees YR8/9 Level 2 School Games QualifierLeeds Road Playing FieldsDisplay
8/06/2016Kirklees Year 7 Super8Leeds Road Athletics ArenaDisplay
25/05/2016Medway Boys Super8 Display
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