QuadKids in 2016

Welcome to our new website for 2016. We have completely rewritten our website so that it is faster and also looks better on todays mobile devices. It should work on phone / tablets and of course on PCs. If you do have any problems then please do let us know.

Most importantly though we hope that you find the website quicker. With the old website it was very noticable that results for a big competition would take a long time to load.

Other changes that we have made this year is that we have integrated Super8 competitions into the QuadKids website. This made sense where we had meetings that combined both QuadKids and Super8 for different age groups on the sameday.

There are no fundamental changes to the scoring spreadsheets this year but we will release very shortly a new spreadsheet that allows ALL age groups to compete together if you have that need.

More new features will be added over the coming months.

Good luck for 2016

School Games

QuadKids Schools

QuadKids Schools is the preferred athletics format for the School Games, including level 1 inter (whole school), level 2 intra school events, Schools Games qualifing rounds and level 3 County / School Games finals. This easy to run athletics format encourages participation for all ages and abilities and has been widely used throughout the UK for many years.

England athletics

QuadKids Clubs

QuadKids Clubs is the ideal competition format for U9 and U11 inter and intra club competitions and athletic network leagues and events. QuadKids is the perfect stepping stone encompassing all the key aspects of athletics; endurance, speed, agility and strength.

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