South London Athletics Network Under 11's (3)
South London Athletics Network (3) Quadkids Competition Under 11 (02/10/2011)


Boys individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1TANE ST11.20583.82642.046627.8055243
2DANNY GI11.80523.57551.587219.0538217
3DYLAN PI11.00603.05382.056525.0050213
4KADECE WI12.20483.22442.294131.1062195
5IVAN BA13.20383.20432.195130.8061193
6SHAUN WI10.90612.73272.175325.8051192
7KIAN GR11.00602.76282.353527.7055178
8VINCENT BO12.20483.22442.214918.2036177
9KAMRAN BE11.80522.80302.135715.7531170
10SINDOSO WE11.80523.08392.224812.6025164
11PAUL VI12.20483.18422.313916.6033162
12ALEC MC12.80423.02372.412925.5051159
13CHI BA12.10493.00362.304016.2032157
14TEDDY SK12.90413.30462.343615.3030153
15SYDNEY DA12.70433.15412.452521.4542151
15EMMANNELL GR12.20482.49192.185216.0532151
17REECE WI12.50451.88102.323822.8045138
18DYLAN SC11.40560.0002.165413.0026136
19ROBERT IN13.40362.50202.244616.1032134
20SEAN PO13.60342.70262.373314.8029122
22LAWRIE BE14.10292.86323.181018.5537108
23NOAH OT12.30471.80102.48229.001897
24ABDULAHI BA14.70232.93343.191014.202895
25DOMINIC SA14.60241.93102.462414.102886
26RIDWAN MU15.40162.20102.422815.063084
27JOESPH BE13.60341.67102.571311.602380
28ISOBEL NE13.90310.0002.40308.501778
29ABDI SH14.60242.56223.16109.701975
30ALBERT AS0.0002.70262.511914.902974
31HAMUDI AA15.70132.53213.12109.501963
32ENRICO CH16.60101.90103.03108.601747
33HAMZA SH15.20181.70100.0009.001846
34ZUHEYB AD19.40101.95103.50107.201444
35KAMIL PA0.0002.50200.0000.00020

Girls individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1TYLER MO10.70633.19432.135721.8043206
2ISOLELLE NE12.80423.66582.096115.0530191
3GRACE CR10.90613.50532.254515.8031190
4AYSISE HU11.40563.30462.165416.3532188
4ALEX BR12.20483.48521.59718.9017188
6LAKEIISHA OW11.00603.85652.412914.1028182
7CHIARA RA11.90513.55552.274316.3032181
8KAYLA BO11.00603.20432.14567.7015174
9MALLORY CL12.10493.20432.185211.3022166
10NIARA LE11.70533.20432.23477.7015158
11ABIGAIL CU12.00502.88322.15558.0016153
12MERLE RE12.50452.60232.145614.0028152
13STEPHANIE BA11.70533.20432.34369.0018150
13MIA GR11.90513.05382.353513.0026150
15ALISHA RE11.60543.30462.35354.0010145
16CLARISSA NI13.20382.78292.11598.0516142
17RAE AM12.10492.96352.422814.8029141
18RENETTE WE11.90511.77102.224812.5025134
19LUCY JO12.80422.64242.264411.3022132
20JODIE FA12.90412.92342.33377.8015127
21AMY MU12.50452.45182.19516.3512126
21CALINE AN12.10493.14410.00018.3036126
23MAYA JA12.90412.83312.393111.0522125
24PHOEBE NI12.70432.50202.29419.3018122
25ELLA PR12.60442.50202.442610.9021111
26ASHAAN GR12.30472.73273.441013.1026110
27STEPHANIE JO12.70432.20102.452512.2024102
28RENNE LU11.70532.45184.00109.9019100
29NURAL DE12.50452.58220.00016.303299
29ELIZA PE14.50252.65252.40309.901999
31NATHANIA WA13.50352.70263.311012.302495
32SHANPY SE13.00402.41172.49218.201694
33MARYSIA FA14.40262.13102.25454.301091
34LILLY BO13.90312.86323.02107.801588
35SOPHIE PR14.00302.07102.47238.901780
36YASMIN HA14.00302.10102.43276.201279
37SOPHIE ST13.60342.52200.0009.201872
38NIARA MO14.00300.0002.43276.201269
39RUKAYA EL14.90212.06100.00015.303061
40LUCIA GI0.0003.19430.0007.601558
41ISABELLA WH14.80221.90102.57135.001055
42RIA CH17.50101.00100.0004.401030
42IMOGEN MA15.00200.0000.0004.701030
44ADEM ER15.20180.0000.0000.001028
45SHAYNA AB0.0001.65100.0000.00010
45SHAYNA PA0.0001.80100.0000.00010
45BELINDA EV16.60100.0000.0000.00010

Top Sprinters

Boys top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
1SHAUN WI10.9061
2DYLAN PI11.0060
2KIAN GR11.0060
4TANE ST11.2058
5DYLAN SC11.4056
6DANNY GI11.8052
6KAMRAN BE11.8052
6SINDOSO WE11.8052
9CHI BA12.1049
10KADECE WI12.2048
10VINCENT BO12.2048
10PAUL VI12.2048
14NOAH OT12.3047
15REECE WI12.5045
16SYDNEY DA12.7043
17ALEC MC12.8042

Girls top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
1TYLER MO10.7063
2GRACE CR10.9061
3KAYLA BO11.0060
5AYSISE HU11.4056
6ALISHA RE11.6054
7NIARA LE11.7053
7RENNE LU11.7053
10CHIARA RA11.9051
10MIA GR11.9051
10RENETTE WE11.9051
13ABIGAIL CU12.0050
14MALLORY CL12.1049
14RAE AM12.1049
14CALINE AN12.1049
17ALEX BR12.2048

Top Jumpers

Boys top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
1TANE ST3.8264
2DANNY GI3.5755
3TEDDY SK3.3046
4KADECE WI3.2244
6IVAN BA3.2043
7PAUL VI3.1842
8SYDNEY DA3.1541
10DYLAN PI3.0538
11ALEC MC3.0237
12CHI BA3.0036
14LAWRIE BE2.8632
15KAMRAN BE2.8030
16KIAN GR2.7628
17SHAUN WI2.7327
18SEAN PO2.7026
18ALBERT AS2.7026
20ABDI SH2.5622

Girls top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
3CHIARA RA3.5555
4GRACE CR3.5053
5ALEX BR3.4852
6AYSISE HU3.3046
6ALISHA RE3.3046
8KAYLA BO3.2043
8NIARA LE3.2043
8TYLER MO3.1943
8LUCIA GI3.1943
14CALINE AN3.1441
15MIA GR3.0538
16RAE AM2.9635
17JODIE FA2.9234
18ABIGAIL CU2.8832
18LILLY BO2.8632
20MAYA JA2.8331

Top Runners

Boys top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1DANNY GI1.5872
2TANE ST2.0466
3DYLAN PI2.0565
4KAMRAN BE2.1357
5DYLAN SC2.1654
6SHAUN WI2.1753
8IVAN BA2.1951
10SINDOSO WE2.2248
11ROBERT IN2.2446
12KADECE WI2.2941
13CHI BA2.3040
14PAUL VI2.3139
15REECE WI2.3238
16TEDDY SK2.3436
17KIAN GR2.3535
18SEAN PO2.3733

Girls top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1ALEX BR1.5971
4TYLER MO2.1357
5KAYLA BO2.1456
5MERLE RE2.1456
8AYSISE HU2.1654

Top Throwers

Boys top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1KADECE WI31.1062
2IVAN BA30.8061
3TANE ST27.8055
3KIAN GR27.7055
5SHAUN WI25.8051
5ALEC MC25.5051
7DYLAN PI25.0050
8REECE WI22.8045
9SYDNEY DA21.4542
10DANNY GI19.0538
11LAWRIE BE18.5537
12VINCENT BO18.2036
13PAUL VI16.6033
15CHI BA16.2032
15ROBERT IN16.1032
18KAMRAN BE15.7531
19TEDDY SK15.3030
19RIDWAN MU15.0630

Girls top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1TYLER MO21.8043
2CALINE AN18.3036
3AYSISE HU16.3532
3CHIARA RA16.3032
3NURAL DE16.3032
6GRACE CR15.8031
7RUKAYA EL15.3030
9RAE AM14.8029
10MERLE RE14.0028
12ASHAAN GR13.1026
12MIA GR13.0026
14RENETTE WE12.5025
15NATHANIA WA12.3024
17MALLORY CL11.3022
17LUCY JO11.3022
17MAYA JA11.0522
20ELLA PR10.9021


The ESAA awards are based on a points system scoring each individual discipline between 0 - 5. The ESAA Award we display is the Quadrathlon award. For more details on how these awards are scored please goto the Awards page

Because of the way the ESAA awards system scores things it is possible to get a lesser award than another athlete even though your QuadKids score is higher!

Awards details Not available

QuadKids Certificates

QuadKids Certificates are FREE if your competition organiser uploads results to our website. To gain access to certificates contact the competition organiser.

You have to be registered and logged in to our website to view certificates. Simply click on the VIEW button to download a certificate, a copy will also be emailed to your registered email address.

Organisers, when you are logged in there are additional buttons on the results screens to download batches of certificates by Team or for batches of all boys or girls.

Boys' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1TANE ST243Certificate
2DANNY GI217Certificate
3DYLAN PI213Certificate
4KADECE WI195Certificate
5IVAN BA193Certificate
6SHAUN WI192Certificate
7KIAN GR178Certificate
8VINCENT BO177Certificate
9KAMRAN BE170Certificate
10SINDOSO WE164Certificate
11PAUL VI162Certificate
12ALEC MC159Certificate
13CHI BA157Certificate
14TEDDY SK153Certificate
15SYDNEY DA151Certificate
15EMMANNELL GR151Certificate
17REECE WI138Certificate
18DYLAN SC136Certificate
19ROBERT IN134Certificate
20SEAN PO122Certificate
22LAWRIE BE108Certificate
23NOAH OT97Certificate
24ABDULAHI BA95Certificate
25DOMINIC SA86Certificate
26RIDWAN MU84Certificate
27JOESPH BE80Certificate
28ISOBEL NE78Certificate
29ABDI SH75Certificate
30ALBERT AS74Certificate
31HAMUDI AA63Certificate
32ENRICO CH47Certificate
33HAMZA SH46Certificate
34ZUHEYB AD44Certificate
35KAMIL PA20Certificate

Girls' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1TYLER MO206Certificate
2ISOLELLE NE191Certificate
3GRACE CR190Certificate
4ALEX BR188Certificate
4AYSISE HU188Certificate
6LAKEIISHA OW182Certificate
7CHIARA RA181Certificate
8KAYLA BO174Certificate
9MALLORY CL166Certificate
10NIARA LE158Certificate
11ABIGAIL CU153Certificate
12MERLE RE152Certificate
13MIA GR150Certificate
13STEPHANIE BA150Certificate
15ALISHA RE145Certificate
16CLARISSA NI142Certificate
17RAE AM141Certificate
18RENETTE WE134Certificate
19LUCY JO132Certificate
20JODIE FA127Certificate
21AMY MU126Certificate
21CALINE AN126Certificate
23MAYA JA125Certificate
24PHOEBE NI122Certificate
25ELLA PR111Certificate
26ASHAAN GR110Certificate
27STEPHANIE JO102Certificate
28RENNE LU100Certificate
29NURAL DE99Certificate
29ELIZA PE99Certificate
31NATHANIA WA95Certificate
32SHANPY SE94Certificate
33MARYSIA FA91Certificate
34LILLY BO88Certificate
35SOPHIE PR80Certificate
36YASMIN HA79Certificate
37SOPHIE ST72Certificate
38NIARA MO69Certificate
39RUKAYA EL61Certificate
40LUCIA GI58Certificate
41ISABELLA WH55Certificate
42IMOGEN MA30Certificate
42RIA CH30Certificate
44ADEM ER28Certificate
45SHAYNA AB10Certificate
45SHAYNA PA10Certificate
45BELINDA EV10Certificate

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